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COMS Club Stickers
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Get your own 3" Full Color COMS Club Sticker today! 

How to Get:

  1. Donate $2 through this form:

  2. Join COMS Club as an official member ($12 for annual membership + perks)

  3. (February 2021) Donate to the COMS Club Black History Month Fundraiser (a $3+ donation gets you a sticker!):

Meaning Behind Our Sticker

The COMS Club logo was made to be more than just a design—it is a representation of Cal Poly COMS Club in San Luis Obispo. Created during the 2020-2021 school year, our logo encompasses the values and intentions of COMS Club. We are so proud to be a club that is centered in beautiful golden sun rays and in the midst of a strong agricultural society. With this being said, the sun rays in our logo pays homage to the beautiful SLO sun and the bright minds of our COMS community. Under the sun rays, there is an ellipsis to represent all facets and variations of communication which we acknowledge and welcome to our community. Next, you will find our club name under the ellipsis as it becomes the focal point of the logo. The empowering “COMS Club” planted in the center is capitalized and bolded. This represents what we value the most in our club—being the core of an inclusive, cultivating, and resilient community. We uphold an open space where our diverse members can find the academic & professional, social, and emotional support required to succeed at Cal Poly. Lastly, the light green grass strands symbolize each of our outstanding COMS Club members. Our club is created entirely by our members who nurture and cultivate our club. Cal Poly COMS Club is located in San Luis Obispo but lives in the hearts of our members.

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