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Do you want to join COMS Club?

Become a Member: About

Thank you for your interest in supporting the COMS Club as a full member!

Your club dues directly support ALL Cal Poly COMS Club meetings and events. This small fee allows the club to fund materials for our weekly meetings and organize large events such as the Communication Studies Symposium and Annual Communication Studies Banquet (location, food, decorations, etc.). Note, full membership (Registration and Dues) is not required to participate at Cal Poly COMS Club meetings and events.

COMS Club members (full members or otherwise), are NOT required to attend every meeting. This space is for you - take advantage of the meetings and times that best suit you!


You will be notified via email after both your registration form and dues have been processed. If there are any questions at all about club membership, dues, or the Cal Poly COMS Club in general, please reach out to Patty Correa (Treasurer) at


  • Excited about communication studies!


  • Reduced admission pricing for events like the Communication Studies Symposium and Annual Communication Studies Banquet

  • A free Cal Poly COMS Club logo sticker 

  • A dedication on our website that verifies your status as a full member (to include on resume)

  • Access to and verification on our official Cal Poly ENGAGE page

About Membership

All membership dues will be collected in person at our meetings

Bring your $10 to any COMS Club meeting and fill out the form bellow with your information:

2021-2022 official registration form

Annual Membership (2021-22) School Year: $10

Financial Aid: If there is any reason why you cannot pay dues, but would like to be considered a full member of the Cal Poly COMS Club, still fill out the registration form completely.

For the 2021-2022 school year: All dues are to be paid in person at any COMS Club meeting. If unable to pay in person, email us at for an alternative method. When registering for membership, please provide your full name.

2) Club Dues

In addition to paying your individual dues, you can help support the Cal Poly COMS Club and a fellow peer by “paying it forward”. Any additional payment you submit along with your own dues with a note saying “pay it forward” will be put aside to pay for a peer’s membership. Any amount over the $10 annual membership will immediately be transferred to our Pay It Forward program.

We recommend adding an extra $2 to your dues to support this initiative.

Pay It Forward
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