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COMS Club Mission Statement

The mission of COMS Club is to share the power of communication through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), mentorship, and community. We hope to encourage and support Cal Poly students and the COMS community, as a whole, to join a welcoming and equitable space while exploring the realm of Communication Studies. We engage our students professionally with mentors, professors, and COMS alumni to make impactful connections. Finally, our club holds the highest standard of accessibility and inclusion to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Cal Poly COMS Club is a community thriving with intellectual minds to “appreciate the influences of culture upon their lives.”

We invite you to join Cal Poly COMS Club! Here's a quick welcome from our 2020 co-president Michelle Pineda. 




Programs include:

Lambda Pi Eta, Career development seminars and workshops, COMS Mentorship Program

Programs include:

Weekly club meetings, Weekly Newsletters, COMS Town Hall Program

Programs include:

Fundraising and community outreach, Involvement with campus and local events

Cal Poly COMS Club is dedicated to providing more equitable and professional guidance and opportunities through the implementation of the COMS Mentorship Program.

Cal Poly COMS Club aims to create, host, and moderate various professional and social events throughout the year, with commitment towards building a strong, diverse community.

Cal Poly COMS Club firmly believes in its community: students, faculty and staff, and alumni. On all levels, the club's primary goal is to promote inclusivity and understanding in its activities for all members.

The Pillars of COMS Club

Weekly club meetings

Club events
Community Socials


COMS Mentorship Program
COMS Town Hall

Lambda Pi Eta

COMS Club Activities!

Join the Club

Become a member to attend our weekly meetings and connect with your Cal Poly COMS community!

If any of these events sound interesting to you, or if you like to get involved register here or contact us to let us know!

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